Support Assistant - Night Shift


 - Achieve thorough knowledge of our product in a short period of time

 - Deliver customer service through live-chat

 - Provide solutions to customers with the help of supervisors from different departments

 - Provide detailed information about site building process, website features, payments and requests

 - Update and work with database information

 - Adhere to company goals and workflow processes to ensure quality customer service




 - Excellent knowledge of Armenian, English and Russian languages

 - Basic knowledge of CMS and CRM systems

 - Experience in responding to inquiries at help desk or public relations capacity is encouraged

 - Basic level of technical troubleshooting

 - Excellent communication skills

 - Ability to work under strict deadlines and pressure

 - Ability to work as a part of a team

 - General knowledge of marketing and web-design

 - Flexibility to master new web tools



This is a full time position with mixed shift working schedule, which includes 5 shifts per week with morning (09:00-18:00), evening (18:00-02:00) and night (02:00-09:00) shifts.


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